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Launch Your Online Business With Us or Purchase An Already Cash-Flowing Business and Plug Yourself In. I'll Show You How!

Buy Or Sell An Online Business, Profitably!

Let Top Spot Consulting help you buy or sell an online business with ease.

We specialize in Software, E-Commerce, Advertising, and profitable Service based businesses. We can help you take the guesswork out of buying or selling an online business!

We have a dedicated E-Commerce Consulting Team whose sole job is the day to day operations of our Amazon and Shopify Brands, which means they have the knowledge to place you into profitable stores,

and more importantly, we keep you away from the JUNK!


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Hi, I'm Kyle!
Want An Already Profitable Store You Don't Have To Manage?

Well, we all do, and you can have one!

The world is super unstable and other than Real Estate, the ONLY thing we are doing Right Now is Buying, and in some case Rehabbing, and Operating, Online Stores. I tell you, it's the Present and the Future.

Brick and mortar is dead, and I have opportunities for 2-3 Investors every month.

Let's hop on a call and discuss what your needs are, and I'll let you know how I can help. Let's GET IT!

I have PASSIVE, SEMI-PASSIVE, and HANDS ON Opportunites for Qualified Operators!

Kyle Weimer CEO of Top Spot Consulting
This is a recent business that we have under contract to sell to a lucky investor. This Shopify store made $80,000 in cash-flow the the past 12 months.

Amazon E-Commerce Professionals

If you are interested in selling a product online via Amazon or have an idea for a product and your not sure how to take it to market, you need to speak with us immediately.

We have a dedicated E-Commerce Consulting Team whose sole job is the day to day operations of our Amazon.com business.

We can provide you with the proper training to launch your product successfully on Amazon or eBay. Our years of online experience will prove an invaluable asset to you as you start your venture into the online space, and will definitely cut your learning curve down.

We are always just a phone call away at (303) 444-3333. Call Us today for a free consultation or fill out our simple web form on this page and we will reply promptly.

E-commerce Consulting
Hi, I'm Kyle!
Already have a product? Need help researching profitable niches? We can help with it all.

With over 10 years of experience building and ranking websites, driving targeted web traffic, and innovating what PPC has become, my team and I have all the experience and savvy you'll ever need to stay competitive, even in the toughest niches.

Kyle Weimer CEO of Top Spot Consulting
Amazon Sales Snapshot
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Don't get me wrong. Customers and their happiness is the backbone of every successful business. But at the end of the day, we understand what has to matter. That is your bottom line.
That's our focus. That's our obsession.

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Kyle W.

~ CEO of Top Spot Consulting


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