Over 50% of people browse the Internet using mobile devices. Knowing that fact, you would do yourself a favor by choosing responsive web design for your website. The following facts and stats will explain to you why it’s a must.

  1. It’s an investment in better user experience.
    With a responsive website, none of your users, no matter which devices they are using, will have to zoom in and out or scroll for hours.
  2. It’s quite a cheap treat.
    When you have a non-responsive design, you will have to work on your site to make it mobile-friendly. That means, you will be running two separate versions, which is expensive and time-consuming.
  3. More than a half of searches are made via mobile phones.
    Just think about it! About 60% of all traffic comes from phones. And the number is still growing. If you don’t invest in responsive design, you’re missing out on those options.
  4. It’s an investment in your future.
    Google is shifting and changing its policies, so they favor websites with responsive design. This means, if you want to develop your site and promote it, it’s crucial to your success to make it more mobile-friendly.
  5. It’s a must for online-shopping.
    About 80% of cases of online shopping are made via phones. If you add the 70 % of people who use their phones while shopping offline to check the prices, you’ll understand that no successful online business can’t exist without a responsive site.

If you invest in changing your site’s design now, you will benefit from it tomorrow. Not only the user experience will improve, your SEO efforts won’t go in vain, but also your R.O.I. will improve.